Going through a divorce is one of the biggest stresses of adulthood. When overwhelmed by the inevitable intensity of multiple family changes, you may find it difficult to respond to your children in a calm and sensitive way.

This program is designed specifically for parents who are feeling confused and off-balance and who want to regain a sense of themselves as competent adults and loving parents. Research shows that people can learn to manage their stress reactions by learning and practicing mindfulness meditation in a short-term supportive class.

This six-week class for divorcing parents will help you develop skills to bring awareness to your thoughts and feelings, which will allow you to choose the best response to many parenting challenges.

Classes will provide information, discussion about stress and instruction in mindfulness practices.

Our goal is to support you in establishing new habits to allow you to be more present and thoughtful, reduce anxiety, self criticism, and to increase a sense of personal well-being and connection with your children.

Orientation Session (no fee): Thursday, September 29  |  7-8 pm

Six-week Class (Registration required. $325 per student; scholarships available)Thursdays, October 6 - November 10  |  7-9 pm