Going through a divorce is one of the biggest stresses of adulthood – leaving many people feeling alone and confused. It's normal to feel overwhelmed by the inevitable intensity of divorce and you may find it difficult to respond to your children in a calm and sensitive way. How to regain balance?

Ruth Jaeger, LCSW, and Liz Salin, MFT, have worked with many families in transition. They designed this program specifically for parents who are feeling off-balance and want to regain a sense of themselves as competent adults and loving parents. The program is based on research which shows that you can manage stress by learning and practicing mindfulness meditation. You can learn these skills with other committed parents in our short-term class. 

Our six-week class, offered quarterly, provides instruction and practice in mindfulness that can support you in dealing with the stress of divorce.

We want to support you in establishing new habits allowing you to reduce anxiety and self criticism. Participants have an increased sense of personal well-being and stronger connections with their children.

Six-week Class (Registration required. $325 per student; scholarships available): 

Thursdays, July 13-August 20, October 5-November 9, 2017          7 - 9 PM.

1330 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 201, San Rafael, California 94901

Contact Us:    regainingbalanceforparents@gmail.com

                        Liz Salin MFT (7609) 415.457.2206

                        Ruth Jaeger LCSW (6892) 415.924.0112


I referred a newly-separated and highly anxious client to this class.  She has found
the group support and the new skills to be of great value.

Ann Buscho Phd


A perfect class for parents going though a divorce.  Liz Salin and Ruth Jaeger are skillful, compassionate guides teaching medically proven mindfulness techniques in a format that can be learned and incorporated during a stressful life change.



This class came at a perfect time in my family transition.  I did not realize until I started the class how much support I needed.  This has been a very supportive stepping stone to better self-care in this difficult time.  Thank you to you both.